Funny Christmas Traditions Around the World



Known mostly as a time for getting around with our families, Christmas is definitely our favorite time of  the year. Sharing happy moments filled with joy and laughter with our loved ones fills our hearts with warmth. Tradition is probably what we love most about Christmas: the thrill of doing good, the excitement  of  finding out what Santa brought us, and feeling proud of the way we decorated our beloved Christmas tree. These customs are common in various corners of the world.

But what about the most peculiar Christmas traditions out there? I am sure that there aren’t many of you who receive presents from a witch or who throw pudding to the ceiling. What about eating a decomposed bird or hiding a pickle in the Christmas tree? There are  so many funny traditions all over the world and we would love to share them you.


Christmas-Infographic (1)


Merry Christmas to everyone! Have a wonderful time! 🙂

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