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“Love your product. I have had great success using it no matter where I am. As well, your customer service is exceptional. Keep it up. “

Windson G.


“Great Product and service. Would not use any other for international calls. Savings are immense!”

njenkins – ResellerRatings.com


“It is always so easy to refill my long distance phone card and I get a lot of minutes to call Europe. I am extremely satisfied. Great job, Nobelcom !”

chantal533 – ResellerRatings.com


“I have been a Nobel customer for a good number of years. Use it regularly to contact family and friends overseas. Currently I have over 7000 mins prepaid. Never had any problems. Will continue using their service.”

frankhertelend – ResellerRatings.com


“The experience was great. The credit reload is accomplished in a minute to two. Great customer service. I would recommend this company for those who make frequent international calls. Great for calls to Africa.”

benjamin_d_wom – ResellerRatings.com


“Very satisfied. I have been with Nobelcom.com since the year 2000. That is, put all together 15 (fifteen) years now. Wow! An extremely loyal customer! “

holohaka – ResellerRatings.com


Thank you all for choosing NobelCom services! 

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