Hello September

And just like that, summer is gone, and, with it, our long sunny afternoons, the scorching heat, and the well-deserved holidays. But with the back to school season here come easier mornings, after sending the kids off to school, Oktoberfest echoes and a generally festive season. Plenty to enjoy this season, too!


Fall brings a trail of much busier days too, so make sure you don’t overlook the important things in your life. Prioritize your stuff so nothing gets lost in all the fuss of starting a new quarter. In the midst of all this, find the time to reach out to those friends and family you miss, and who are far away. Don’t let the distance make the difference and reach out. Easier said than done? Not really! Have you tried NobelApp?


If you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, give NobelApp a try: the app is free and you also get a free trial of 5 minutes to most destinations. NobelApp is designed to be the trick up your sleeve whenever you are looking for a quick, easy, and cheap solution to call worldwide. Remember those nice people you met when you were on holiday abroad? Give them a call today. This is, as they say, “the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.


Hello September, you are wonderful!


Learn more about NobelApp here: www.nobelcom.com/nobel-app.html

Image source: http://cheeriolicious.tumblr.com/post/60062979444


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