How much do you know about Nobel?

You probably know that Nobel is the “parent” of NobelCom, Enjoy Prepaid, NobelTalk and a few other calling services. But how much do you truly know about it?

  1. We’re 22 years young!

Nobel was founded in 1998 by Thomas Knobel. We share this year with the Google search engine, Apple’s iMac G3 and Titanic. Not a bad company…

Nobel 22 years celebration card

  1. We have offices on three continents

The main office is in Romania, but we also have a local presence in the United States and Liberia.

  1. Our colleagues come from more than 30 countries.

You already know about Romania, the United States and Liberia. But did you know about Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ukraine and Colombia?

  1. We like the wisdom of all ages

Our youngest employee is 21 years old, while the wisest is 68.

  1. We’re one of the best employer in Romania

Nobel was awarded the Best Employer title in the IT&C category in 2019 by (the Romanian version of Glassdoor). We were also the second best in the overall ranking.

  1. We like helping

Our main CSR partner, United Way Romania, identified us as Bronze Partner at their 2020 gala. We earned the title by helping them to support at risk communities in Bucharest.

We also support different charitable causes in our endeavor to help Liberia rise again.

Nobel team




  1. We offer high quality services to everybody!

While you may have only used our Business-to-Customer services, we have Business-to-Business as well. Our telecom carrier business unit gets us the best cost for your calls, while the NobelBiz contact center solutions are used by companies all over the United States and will soon help you get in touch with our agents easier.


You see, there’s more to us than meets the eye. What’s the most surprising fact to you?



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