iPhone 7 Key Features

iPhone 7

iPhone 7, one of the most anticipated devices of the year 2016, was released and presented on September 7th, at a dedicated Apple event in San Francisco, California.

Before you can put your hands on your very own iPhone 7, here’s a recap with the key features of the latest Apple device:

New iPhone 7 case colors

As usual, you can get your iPhone 7 in the classic silver, gold or pink/rose gold case colors, or you can try out one of the two new available colors: matte black and jet black (with a glossy finish).

No antenna lines 

Another design change compared to the previous iPhone is the removal of the plastic antenna lines from the back of the device. These lines allowed radio signals to pass through the metal and reach the antennas. Apparently, Apple got around this restriction and created a design that no longer needs those lines.

Water resistant

You can now walk in the rain or take showers with your iPhone, as the iPhone 7 device is waterproof even when immersed in 1 meter deep water. You shouldn’t worry about residues either, because iPhone 7 is completely protected against dust.

New Home button

Probably the most noticeable design change for long time iPhone users is iPhone 7’s new Home button. In order to make the newly released device completely waterproof, the Home button had to be changed with a sturdier, more solid version. Even though it doesn’t click as the old Home button used to do, the new button is specially designed to be more responsive and offers a tactile feedback.

Dual-lens camera

In terms of functionality, the new dual-lens camera technology is one of iPhone’s biggest upgrades. This feature is available on iPhone 7 Plus devices only. It includes a standard wide angle 12 mega pixels camera and another 12 mega pixels camera with a telephoto lens. You have the possibility to switch between the two lenses to use only one of them or you can transition between the two cameras to use both of them at the same time. This way, you can obtain professional looking images that separate the background from the foreground to the extent you desire.

Brighter display 

To enhance picture quality, iPhone 7 has an up to 25% brighter display. This way, colors pop more and images have a crisper feel to them.

No headphone socket

Apple decided to give up on the headphone socket for iPhone 7 as they introduced the new wireless Bluetooth headphones called AirPods. You can still plug a pair of wired headphones in the Lightning port (which is currently used for charging) but you will need an adaptor.

New chip

iPhone 7 comes with a new A10 chip which brings better CPU performance. This means iPhone 7 can run up to 6 times faster than the iPhone 6 by using only half of the power.

Bigger storage capacity   

Instead of coming in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models (as iPhone 6), the iPhone 7 versions include 32GB, 128GB and 256GB, so double storage space.

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