The Wonderful Story of Our 16th Anniversary

We’re always happy to celebrate our Anniversary, and that includes being proud to share the gifts! This year, that included a good discount on all our phone cards, and also a social media sweepstakes. We asked a simple question, to see what our Facebook community appreciates in NobelCom. We were happy to see such great responses and we’d like to thank again all our participants.


Here are the posts that won the sweepstakes:


Q: What do you appreciate most about NobelCom?


A: Customer serviceeeeeee!!!! Man I was iffy at first but because they always texted back so promptly and so courteous when they needed just a minute to look up an information. I would definitely recommend #nobelcom to everyone! Made me save a lot of money. Definitely best rates for Cuba than anywhere else…and let me tell you that Cuba is by far the most expensive country to call. No other company gives a better rate, trust me I,ve done my research. (Meilie N.)


A: I love the awesome way all the people who answer me with patience, help the quality in the service and all my savings for International calls, with a minimum charge in my account I received a lot of points and the easy way to recharge. Their fee is unbelieved, I recommend it to all my friends. Nobelcom you cant compare to others in the business is Superior . Nobelcom is number One in the world. (Nilda T.)


A: I enjoy their good customer service and promotions. Connections are good also. (Kumba M.)


A: #Nobelcom keeps my mom and I feeling close, even though we are in different countries! Their phone cards are affordable, the connection is always clear and stable, they have a super friendly and helpful customer service, they are regularly having discounts, promotions and special offers. (Kika R.)


A: I appreciate so smarmy things about Nobelcom that if I was to write everything here, it will take days.. To sum things up: 1) I first of all appreciate their customer service. They are so loyal and respectful. I never had a bad day with them. I can’t say how much I love them. 2) I enjoy the ease of service that Nobelcom offer. 3) I like the continuous promotion that they come up with. I cant never go wrong with the Nobel point. Last month, I had so much points that I put 40 dollars on my phone using just $2.00 dollars.4) I love their prepaid recharge that they have. I recharge my relatives phones in Liberia with so much ease. Their fees are less as compare to others in the business.#nobelcom #thebest (Louis J.)


You guys rock!


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