Tips and Tricks for Traveling Abroad

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In the rushed pace of today, we often find ourselves traveling more and more. The reasons may vary – be it for tourist adventures, business, study or many other causes – we often find that our lives take us more places than in the case of older generations. However it’s also become much easier nowadays to do so. We don’t only travel more, but we are more connected and it is easier to do so.

Here are a few tips you should consider, as much as possible, whenever you take on a new journey:

Plan in advance

Whenever you can, you should plan your trips abroad in advance. You can always find discounts and good deals on air travel, trains or cross country buses. Subscribe to email newsletters and keep an eye out for those Twitter updates to keep updated on the latest deals for airplane tickets!


It’s nice to have surprises, but when you travel it’s best to have your homework done before you hit the field. There is a ton of information available out there for almost any destination you can think of so make a little research beforehand to know more about the customs, food, traditions of the place you’re traveling to.

Learn a few words in the native language

You shouldn’t count on everyone knowing your language. Write down and learn a few useful phrases and words to help you make out the answers when locals don’t understand English. It’s easier nowadays with mobile apps that help you translate stuff but you shouldn’t only rely on your phone – what if you run out of battery and you need to ask for directions? Again, it’s best to do your homework before you travel

Keep in touch

It can get overwhelming to be in a new place, surrounded by different people who speak a language you don’t know. Whenever you feel that way, it’s a sign it’s time to call a loved one or a friend back home. It’s so easy nowadays! Whenever you need advice or you want to share some exciting news, pick up the phone and do it!

Pack light

Last but not least, you’ll always find exciting stuff in your new adventures so it’s no use taking anything but the essentials with you when you travel. More room in the suitcase for souvenirs and presents for those back home!

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