Top 5 reasons to use NobelApp

You have been using our international calling services for quite some time. But did you know we also have an app for your calling needs?

We designed NobelApp to match your wants and needs and these are its top 5 advantages.

Orange dragon with NobelApp written under it

  1. It’s free!

And it will remain like this! There are no fees for installing or using NobelApp – whether you decide afterwards to use it for calling, top-ups or money transfers.


  1. It’s easy to use!

We made sure the experience created for you is the best possible. That is why the menu options are really straight forward and easy to understand. We want you to enjoy the crystal clear quality of your international calls, not fret about “what does this button do”.


  1. You can use the balance from your NobelCom account with the app.

If you just bought NobelCom credit, don’t worry. There is zero hassle for you, as you can link your accounts and use the credit inside the app.

If your favorite is Enjoy Prepaid, there are no issues either. Credit bought on either website can be used with NobelApp.


  1. You can use Wi-Fi for your calls instead of costly access numbers.

No one likes paying a bill to their local provider in addition to their international one. With NobelApp you don’t have to worry about paying for local access numbers. You can use your Wi-Fi or your 3G/4G data connection – the quality we offer remains the same, no matter what you choose.


  1. If calling is not your thing, you can also send money from it!

If you’re not a fan of calling, you could send texts with NobelApp. But that won’t make your auntie as happy. You could, however, send a money transfer for her birthday and that will speak volumes regarding how much you care about the family! You can do that straight from NobelApp, by linking your Nobel Financial account to it.


Bonus: you get 5 free minutes, so you can test our amazing international calling service. What’s not to love?



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