Weekend Updates: TGIF, Labor Day, Back to School… So Many Reasons To Celebrate!

recite-1786--2103896204-8iipqsThis weekend’s looking swell with goodies for everyone around:

✓ 10% discount all phone cards using promo code “SCHOOL” (expired) on www.nobelcom.com & the NobelApp for our ‪Back to School sale!
✓ 100% bonus for top ups to Liberia in Lonestar Cell MTN
✓ 500% bonus for top ups to Liberia in Cellcom Liberia
✓ 10% off on phone cards if you top up twice in 30 days
✓ $100 in free calling credit if you enter our sweepstakes here: http://goo.gl/hKbbhB



And to everyone celebrating Labor Day, have a great one!

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