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Nobel is all about communicating and connecting people. This means connecting you to your loved ones and it also means connecting you to us. Because you are at the center of our everyday work, we’ve decided to open up one more channel where we can interact, get to know, and inspire each other.


This blog is essentially about you. This is a place where we will post photos, tips & tricks, useful articles, and basically everything we can find to give you a good dose of helpful advice with a sprinkle of fun. We believe that communication is everything, and also that communication is in everything! Don’t hesitate to make yourself heard.


We’d love to hear more from you. After all, it’s you who inspires us to make great products that serve you best. We’ve imagined this blog as a place where we can exchange inspiration, and improve at the same time the way you communicate with the ones who matter most.


This one’s for you. Here’s to keeping in touch!


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