5 Advantages of Using Virtual Phone Cards

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Do you have friends or relatives abroad that you want to keep in touch with? Have you considered using a virtual phone card for your international calls? It might be the perfect solution for your calling needs whether you study abroad, work abroad or simply travel the world and want to stay connected to people from other countries.

First of all, what is a virtual phone card? Compared to physical phone cards, virtual phone cards actually consist of a PIN number which stands for the card itself. So, when you buy a virtual phone card, you in fact buy the PIN number that grants you access to placing calls at specific fees.

Here are some of the main advantages of calling your loved ones by using a virtual phone card:


1. Virtual phone cards are cheaper

Virtual phone cards are the cheaper alternative to using your local provider to make international phone calls. By dialing a local access number before the PIN number and the destination phone number, you will be placing a local call instead of an international call and your local provider will charge you as such. The international part of your call will be charged at the lower rates of your virtual phone card. If you want to avoid any charges from your local provider, you can even use a toll free number instead of a regular local access number.

2. You don’t have to change your current physical phone card

When making a call with a virtual phone card, you actually use your current physical local phone card to place international calls at lower rates. As the name implies, virtual phone cards are not physical cards so you don’t have to worry about replacing your current phone card or doing any kind of changes to your phone.


3. You can buy virtual phone cards online, from anywhere in the world

One of the most convenient things about virtual phone cards is that you can buy them online wherever you are. For example, with NobelCom phone cards, all you have to do is visit the website http://www.nobelcom.com, pick the phone card that best suits your needs and place your order. After purchasing a NobelCom phone card, you will receive a PIN code through email and you can start calling!


4. Never worry about running low on calling credit again

Some virtual phone cards, like the NobelCom ones for example, give you the possibility to enable an automatic recharge option. This way, your account will be recharged with the amount you select whenever your calling credit runs below a certain threshold.


5. You can link your virtual phone card to a calling app

For greater benefits, you can associate your international virtual phone card with a calling app. For example, you can use your NobelCom or EnjoyPrepaid phone card with the international calling app NobelApp. This way, you have the option of calling by using Internet connection instead of dialing an access number and PIN code. There is no need for you to have a local telecommunications provider. Your smartphone, Internet connection and NobelApp are enough to get you in touch with your friends and family abroad.


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