How to Dial to India


FORMAT: (country of origin exit code) + 91 + (city code) + Phone Number

1. Start by finding out your country’s international prefix/exit code as this is the number that allows you to dial outside the country you are placing the call from. This prefix is unique for each country. A simple online search should help you identify this number. It usually has between 1 and 3 digits.

2. You also need the national prefix or country code of the country you are calling. This number is normally 1 to 3 digits long. For example, the country code for India is 91.

3. Then, you need to add the area or city code in order to narrow your call geographically. In the table below you will find the area/city codes for Mexico:


Dialing Code
Mumbai 22
New Delhi 11
Bangalore 80
Chennai 44
Hyderabad 40
Ahmedabad 79
Kolkata (Calcutta) 33
Surat 261
Pune 20
Jaipur 141
Lucknow 522
Kanpur 512
Nagpur 712


4. Finally, add the remaining digits of the phone number you want to contact and enjoy your conversation.

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