How to Make an International Call

international calling

Did you just move to a foreign country and don’t know how to dial home? Or maybe you want to call your friend who studies abroad to congratulate him on his birthday? Sometimes it might get a little bit confusing to get it right with all those prefixes and codes. But things are simpler than they seem.

Before making an international phone call, check out the answers to these 5 frequently asked questions:


1. What does international calling mean?

International calling means placing a phone call between different countries. From the messenger pigeon to the long-distance calls mediated by operators, international phone calls came a long way. Nowadays, you can make an international call from and to almost anywhere in the world by directly dialing the destination phone number on your landline or cell phone.


2. How international calls work

International calls are processed by international gateway exchanges called switches. The calls are transmitted by fiber optics and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

The correct way of dialing an international destination number is to add the digits in the order below:

country of origin exit code + destination country code + area/city code + phone number

When phone numbers are listed for international use, the “country of origin exit code” is omitted because it obviously varies depending on where you are calling from. Instead, phone numbers for international use are published with a “+” sign in front of them (“+ destination country code + area/city code + phone number”).


3. How to use international calling cards

calling cards

International calling cards are the cheaper alternative to using your local provider to make international phone calls. You can find international calling cards in physical format, but most often they are virtual calling cards. This means you can still use your physical local phone card to place international calls at lower rates.

For example, with NobelCom international virtual phone cards, you have to dial in an access number, a PIN code and the destination phone number in international format.

access number + PIN + destination phone number in international format

The process is simple if you follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Dial the access number

By using your regular calling plan, dial a local access number from the list here to match your location. This way, you will be placing a local call instead of an international call and your provider will charge you as such. The international part of your call will be charged at NobelCom’s lower rates.

2) Enter the PIN code

After purchasing a NobelCom phone card, you will receive a PIN code through email.

3) Enter the destination phone number in international format:

country of origin exit code + destination country code + area/city code + phone number


4. How do international calling apps work?

If you have a smartphone and want to make international calling even easier, download and use one of the international calling apps available out there. Most calling apps will require Wi-Fi or mobile data Internet connection to get calls through. Some of them even have a peer-to-peer free calling option, meaning that you can talk for free with a fellow app user. There are also international calling apps that use access numbers as a way of establishing connection.


5. The benefits of international calling cards versus calling apps. Which one is best for you?


According to your calling needs, you can either choose to use an international phone card or an international calling app. In some cases, you can even use them both for greater benefits. For example, you can use your NobelCom or EnjoyPrepaid phone card with the international calling app NobelApp. This way, you have the option of calling by using Internet connection instead of dialing an access number and PIN code. There is no need for you to have a local telecommunications provider. Your smartphone, Internet connection and NobelApp are enough to get you in touch with your friends and family abroad.

NobelApp also offers some calling products especially designed to work exclusively with the app: NobelApp Credit (that gives you the option to make top ups and send SMS from the app as well), Elephant and Mustang special deals (that have a unique rate for both landlines and cell phones).

NobelApp gives you more flexibility to keep in touch with your loved ones: recharge their prepaid cell phones with the top up feature or send them text messages using the same credit you use to place international calls with.

On the other hand, the international calling cards don’t require a smartphone and you can place international calls from your regular cell phone or landline phone.

It is up to you which option works best for you. Either way, international calls are accessible with NobelCom and NobelApp so that you can stay connected with the people you care about no matter how far away they live from you.

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