The PINless Dial Number – Make Your International Calling Easier

Pinless Dial Number

If you struggle with dialing all those digits every time you make an international call, PINless dialing is the solution for your problems. Once you try out this easy to use feature you will never want to go back to normal dialing. You save time and connect faster with your loved ones abroad!

How does PINless dialing work?

When using a PINless dial number, instead of dialing the local Access Number + PIN + Destination Number as you would normally do, you only have to dial the Access Number followed by the phone number of the person you want to call.

For example, if you have a NobelCom phone card, you can activate the PINless dialing feature by signing into your NobelCom account with your email address; in the “Your Products” section, under each PIN/phone card you purchased, you can find the “Pinless Dialing” button. Click on it and enter your phone number to be registered as PINless. You can have up to 6 phone numbers registered on each NobelCom calling card plan (PIN).

From that moment on, during the dialing process, our system will automatically recognize the registered phone number you’re dialing from and will associate it directly with your calling card plan, eliminating the need for you to enter your PIN.

PINless dialing and Speed dialing

If you still feel that you have to enter too many digits when calling internationally, try the PINless dialing feature in conjunction with the Speed Dial option. This way the dialing process will be even simpler and faster!

Speed Dial is an option that allows you to dial a sequence of two keys instead of the entire destination number.

After setting up your PINless dial number as mentioned above, go back to “Your Products” section in your NobelCom account and click on “Speed Dial” under your PIN/phone card. You will be prompted to associate a destination phone number with the speed dial key shortcut (*1, *2, …, *9). You can register up to 9 Speed Dial Numbers to a calling plan.

With both PINless Dialing and Speed Dialing activated, you will only have to dial the Access Number and *1 (or *2, …, *9). Enjoy your talks with friends and family members!

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