We bet one of your New Year’s resolutions is to travel more and visit new places around the world. If you haven’t picked your destinations yet, we recommend you to check out some of these amazing 15 places. They are not your usual touristic landmarks that everybody knows and talks about so you might have missed them even if you already visited these countries in the past.

These hidden gems will make you realize how much more there still is to see from our beautiful and diverse planet:


1. Huacachina Dessert Oasis (Peru)


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Huacachina is an oasis town situated in the midst of a barren dessert in Peru. Its lagoon and lush palm trees create such a contrasting image compared to its dry sandy surroundings that Huacachina might seem a mirage. But the place is real and is considered to be one of the very last oasis in North and South America.

Huacachina is located only 4 km away from the city of Ica, so you shouldn’t worry about getting lost in the dessert without water or other commodities. The 96 residents of Huacachina wil welcome you with everything you need, from hotels to shops and even a library. Besides the surreal views, you can enjoy sandboarding or canoeing in the blue waters of the lagoon.

There are many theories on how this magnificent place was created. According to one of the legends, a young princess that was bathing was discovered by a hunter and she fled, leaving behind a pool of water. Also, her flowing cloak is said to have created the sand dunes. » Read more: Top 15 Places to Visit in 2017

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