Fall Sale

We all become nostalgic in the autumn season and tend to miss our loved ones back home. With our special fall 16% discount at phone cards and NobelApp credit, you can talk more with your family members and friends abroad.

All you have to do is to use the special promo code NOBELCOM16 at checkout on nobelcom.com.

The discount is not applicable in conjunction with other discounts and promo offers.

The offer applies to both new and existing customers and expires on November 27th, 2016.

Enjoy the lovely fall calls!


If you struggle with dialing all those digits every time you make an international call, PINless dialing is the solution for your problems. Once you try out this easy to use feature you will never want to go back to normal dialing. You save time and connect faster with your loved ones abroad!

• The name of the month of October comes from the Latin “octō”, meaning “eight”, because in the Roman calendar October was the eight month of the year. With the adding of January and February at the beginning of the calendar after the Julian calendar reform, October became the tenth month of the year, as
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Did you just move to a foreign country and don’t know how to dial home? Or maybe you want to call your friend who studies abroad to congratulate him on his birthday? Sometimes it might get a little bit confusing to get it right with all those prefixes and codes. But things are simpler than
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iPhone 7, one of the most anticipated devices of the year 2016, was released and presented on September 7th, at a dedicated Apple event in San Francisco, California. Before you can put your hands on your very own iPhone 7, here’s a recap with the key features of the latest Apple device: New iPhone 7
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