Use our Virtual Phone System to make Calls and Send SMS from your PC!

PC-2-Phone is a FREE FEATURE that can be used by anyone who has a NobelCom phone card!

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Requirements Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7. Requires soundboard, earphones or speakers, microphone.
You need to have a NobelCom phone card in order to use PC-2-Phone.

  • Get PC-2-Phone and make calls from your PC

    Call any number from your computer ...

    with the same low rates! Nobelcom PC-2-Phone brings a brand new set of features, available for all clients who have a NobelCom phone card; you can download it for free and start using it, with any of your existing cards, immediately. Did we mention you can also send free SMS* to any phone number in the world?

    *free SMS is a limited time offer.

    How does it work?

    To start using PC-2-Phone, you only need to have a NobelCom phone card (with a PIN), download the latest version, install it, select the PIN to call from and start enjoying your calls! To keep things simple, you will be able to log in with your NobelCom username and password.

    Is there anything else?

    You bet! There's so much more you're going to love about NobelCom PC-2-Phone: you can save your contacts and connect in just one click; get a Virtual Number so others can call you ... and many more!

    Don't have an account with NobelCom yet?

    Visit our homepage and get a prepaid phone card; after that you can download PC-2-Phone and use your credit to make low rate international calls with both your phone card and the PC-2-Phone application.

  • Get Virtual Numbers and make yourself reachable!

    Have your friends call you as well! You can get Virtual Numbers for various locations around the world. Give out the number(s) to all of your friends, and they can call you at the expense of a local call. Example: if you get a Virtual Number for Paris, your friends in Paris can ring you up and they are billed as for a local call. You only pay a small fee to rent the number for 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months - but you can also extend your subscription before it expires and keep your Virtual Numbers up and running.

    How do I use Virtual Numbers?

    As soon as you rented a Virtual Number and started giving it out to friends - or business partners - they can call you up and you will be able to pick your calls from within the PC-2-Phone application. You will not be charged anything else except the fee for renting your number!

    The best part is that you can have as many Virtual Numbers, for just as many different locations across the globe!

    Important Note: You need to have a NobelCom phone card in order to use PC-2-Phone and all options associated to it, including Virtual Numbers.

  • Send SMS to any cell phone in the world!

    PC-2-Phone also makes it very easy for you to send text messages to practically any phone in the world! You can send text messages to contacts in your contact list, or to new numbers. And actually writing the text is also a lot easier, since you can use your PC's keyboard.

    Why send SMS?

    Text messages are a great way of reaching people when you can't call them; maybe they're at work, in class, in a conference, or they simply can't answer their phones for some reason. Get your message through by texting them instead!

    Send SMS for FREE - limited offer!

    Yes, you got that right! You can send SMSes to any worldwide destination without paying a dime. Download Nobelcom PC-2-Phone right now and start enjoying this great offer before it expires.
    Free SMS offer applies in the limit of 3 SMSes of maximum 160 characters, each day, for each account.

    Important Note: You need to have a NobelCom phone card in order to use PC-2-Phone and all options associated to it, including SMS.

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