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St. Helena Phone Cards

St. Helena calling cards from United States

Calling from United States to St. Helena
11990 ¢/min

rate based on local access

16 min

Rounding: 4 minutes Maintenance Fee: 99¢ /Week Connection Fee: None

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13990 ¢/min

rate based on local access

14 min

Rounding: 1 minute Maintenance Fee: 49¢ /Month Connection Fee: None

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14990 ¢/min

rate based on local access

13 min

Rounding: 1 second Maintenance Fee: None Connection Fee: None

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NobelApp Credit landline

Valid for1 year 14290 ¢/min

Mustang & Elephant Deal mobile & landline

60 minutes 14150 ¢/min 120 minutes 13325 ¢/min

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Calls are made easy with NobelApp

You can use your phone card to St. Helena to make calls with NobelApp via WiFi/3G & Access Numbers. NobelApp works on iOS and Android. Alternatively choose NobelApp Credit and take full control of your expenses with call history, recharge any cell phones worldwide and send international text messages at competitive rates. Check our rates to St. Helena.

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How do I buy the St. Helena phone card?

Get your NobelCom prepaid phone card in 3 simple steps:

How do I use my calling card to St. Helena?

From any phone

Dial the access number; enter your PIN; enter the destination number (country code included).

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From your smartphone

Download and install NobelApp for iOS and Android; follow the one-time setup wizard and then start calling.

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From your PC

Download and install on Windows PC, login using your NobelCom user/pass and start making calls.

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Whatever option you choose, you will always get the same low rates for your calls!

Learn more about St. Helena

How to call St. Helena
Currency: St. Helena pound (SHP)
Time Zone: UTC +00:00 - GMT
Spoken Language: English
Religions: Roman Catholic, Baptist, Episcopalian, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Christian, Jewish, Islam
Ethnic groups: African, White, Chinese
Top 3 cities by population: Half Tree Hollow, Longwood, Jamestown
National Holidays

January 1 - New Year's Day
Date Varies - Good Friday ( the Friday before Easter)
Date Varies - Easter
Date Varies - Easter Monday
3rd Monday in April - Queen's Birthday
May 21 - Saint Helena day
Date Varies - Ascension Day
Date Varies - Whit Monday
Last Monday in August - August Bank Holiday
December 25 - Christmas Day
December 26/27 - Boxing Day
Natural Landmarks

Diana's Peak National Park
High Peak fern thicket
Prosperous Bay Plain
Heart Shaped Waterfall
Lot and Lot's Wife
What to see

Beringer Vineyards
Heitz Wine Cellars

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