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How to call Nakunonu Atoll Tokelau from Greece

For calling Nakunonu Atoll simply dial:
00 + 690 + (city code) + Phone Number

Tokelau Dialing Code: 690

Nakunonu Atoll City Code: 4

Calling from Greece : 00

Calling From:

Calling To:


Lowest Rate calling Tokelau: 78.4
Denominations: $20, $40, $50, $100
Rechargeable: Yes
Customer Service Hours: 24 hours
Customer Support Language: English/Spanish
Pinless Dialing: Yes
Speed Dial: Yes
Speed Connect: Yes
Call Continue: Yes
PC-2-Phone: Yes
NobelApp: Yes

Phone Cards from Greece to Tokelau

How to call main cities of Tokelau

Cities of Tokelau

Calling From:
Calling To:
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