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Calling Instructions for Phone Cards

When you're calling from a regular phone, there are a few steps you need to follow in order to connect your call, which are explained in the calling instructions below. These instructions apply when you call at an access number ( local or 800) from your landline phone, a payphone or a cell phone.

Access Number

We recommend using a Local Access Number, but if none are available for your area, you can always use an 800 Access Number.


Enter the PIN that you received with your phone card, in the e-mail inbox. It's used to identify you in our system.

Destination Number

Dial your destination number (in international format). This will connect you to the person you're calling.

Your call is now CONNECTED!

If you want to place a call using NobelApp, our smartphone application for iOS and Android, open the app on your device and select your preferred calling product from the drop down menu at the center of the home screen.

Next enter the desired phone number in the correct international format and tap the green Call button. You won't need to look up access numbers. The app uses Wi-Fi, your 3G/4G data connection or, if neither is available, it will dial the access number automatically for you.

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