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4290 ¢/min

rate based on local access

44 min

Rounding: 4 minutes Maintenance Fee: 99¢ /Week Connection Fee: None

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6190 ¢/min

rate based on local access

32 min

Rounding: 1 minute Maintenance Fee: 49¢ /Month Connection Fee: None

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7490 ¢/min

rate based on local access

26 min

Rounding: 1 second Maintenance Fee: None Connection Fee: None

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NobelApp Credit landline

Valid for183 days 7490 ¢/min

Mustang & Elephant Deal mobile & landline

50 minutes 6580 ¢/min 120 minutes 5825 ¢/min

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From any phone

Dial the access number; enter your PIN; enter the destination number (country code included).

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From your smartphone

Download and install NobelApp for iOS and Android; follow the one-time setup wizard and then start calling.

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How to call Korea North
Currency: North Korean won (KPW)
Time Zone: UTC +08:30 - Pyongyang Time
Spoken Language: Korean
Religions: Buddhist, Confucianist - religious activities are almost nonexistent
Ethnic groups: Korean, small community of Chinese and Japanese
Top 3 cities by population: Pyongyang, Hamhung, Chongjin
National Holidays

January 1 - New Year's Day
February 14 - Generalissimo Day
February 16 - Day of the Shining Star
March 2 - Tre Planting Day
March 8 - International Women's Day
Date Varies - Seotdal Geumeum (Korean New Year)
Date Varies - Seollal
April 15 - Day of the Sun
April 21 - Kang Pan-sok's Birthday
April 25 - Military Foundation Day
Date Varies - Daeboreum
Date Varies - Meoseumnal
Date Varies - Samjinnal
Date Varies - Hansik
Date Varies -Chopail
May 1 - Labour Day
5th day of 5th lunar month - Surinal
July 27 - Day of Victory in the Great Fatherland Liberation War
August 15 -Liberation Day
August 25 - Day of Songun
September 9 -National Independence Day
Date Varies - Yudu
Date Varies - Chilseok
Date Varies - Baekjung
Date Varies - Hangawi
October 10 - Party Fundation Day
Date Varies - Jungyangjeol
Date Varies - Mother's Day
Date Varies - Dongji
December 24 - Kim Jong-suk's Birthday
December 31 - New Year's Eve
Natural Landmarks

Chonsin Falls
Kuryong Falls
Pakyon Falls
Pibong Falls
Ryongyon Falls
Sibi Falls
Suyangsan Falls
Ullim Falls
Cheonji - abode of Lake Tianchi monster
Pae Rock in Tongsok valley
Ryongmun Cavern
Songam Caves
What to see

Juche Tower
Kumsusan Palace of the Sun
Tomb of King Kongmin
Arch of Triumph
Munsu Water Park
Korea Central Zoo
Mangyongdae Funfair
Sonjuk Bridge
Tomb of King Tongmyong
Tomb of King Wanggon
Sungnyong Hall
North Korea Peace Museum
Liberation Monument

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