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One Second Mauritania phone card - low rates for calling from United States to Mauritania

One Second Mauritania
One Second Mauritania
5290 ¢/min

rate based on local access

37 min

The minutes for a calling card are based on one call using a local access number where available.

Denominations: $20, $40, $50, $100
Rechargeable: Yes
Fees & Surcharges: May apply*
Billing Increments: 1 second
Connection Fee: None
Maintenance Fee: None
Can Make Calls From: Cont. U.S., Canada, Hawaii, Europe, United Kingdom
Customer Support Language: English/Spanish
Customer Service Hours: 24 hours
800 number Surcharge: 1¢ per minute
Within Continental US:
Expiration: 1 year (365 days) after last use; if no use 1 year (365 days) after being ordered
Domestic Connection Fee: None

*May apply on some calls. Please call Customer Service at 1-888-520-9215 for details.

This phone card is designed for low rates to Mauritania landline phones only. If you wish to call cells or specific cities you can find help with how to choose the right calling card for you.

The One Second Mauritania card gives you a great rate to call Mauritania with no maintenance fee and no connection fee, which makes this particular card ideal for placing short and more frequent calls from United States to all your destinations in Mauritania. Get this high-quality, no-fee calling card and you can use the One Second Mauritania card to place international calls to Mauritania from any phone, at low rates.

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