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What are Phone Cards?

Phone cards are products designed to connect you to local and international destinations at significantly lower rates.

When you use a phone card, you're using a special access number ( 800 access number or, if available, a local access number ) to call anyone, anywhere in the world. You initiate the call to a local or 800 access number and then you only pay a small rate to NobelCom, used to cover the international part of the call. TIP: you get the smallest rate when using a local access number.

How do I buy phone cards?

You can safely order your phone card(s) online and you will receive them in no time!

How to choose a phone card » How to order »

How do I recharge my phone cards?

You can always add more credit to your phone card, without the need to buy a new one!

Manual Recharge » Automatic Recharge »

How do I use my phone cards?

Once the buying process is complete, you will receive your phone card on your e-mail. You'll get a PIN (a number used to identify you in our system). You can then start using your phone card to call from a regular phone, a smartphone, or from your PC:

From any phone:

Access Numbers

Calling Instructions

From your PC:


Visit PC-2-Phone Page

From your smartphone:

Nobel Dialer

Visit Nobel Dialer Page

What features do I have?

In order for you to make the most out of your calling experience, we've developed a number of features to use with your phone card. Find them listed below and click on any for more details. The marks a recommended feature.

Pinless Dialing

or how to make calls from your regular phone without being asked to enter your PIN.

click here for more info »

Speed Dial

or how to connect faster to the numbers you call most often.

click here for more info »

Local Access Numbers

or how get significant more minutes on your phone card.

click here for more info »

VoIP calling

or how to call through your available internet connection and avoid the local cost of the call.

click here for more info »

Free SMS

or how to text friends around the globe with no cost whatsoever.

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